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Why Trissa Works

The hidden ‘success strategy’ behind Trissa

Imagine what you could do with a running start that kept you on course until you’re ready to lose weight on your own.

The secret to Trissa’s effectiveness is that it can help you in finally pushing past what many say is the #1 challenge to losing weight safely and effectively – the ability to stick with a diet plan.

Finding a way to consistently maintain your willpower while you’re trying to lose a significant amount of weight can be VERY difficult.

Think about that. How many times have you heard people say, ‘I can’t stay on track.’ or I keep falling off the wagon.’

Trissa’s balloon-based system significantly lessens the impact a lack of willpower can have when you’re tempted to overeat due to stress, boredom, or other factors beyond your control.

To a large degree, the balloon delivers a powerful psychological benefit, negating the emotional elements that sabotage your results and working WITH your body to position you for weight loss success.

Think of Trissa as an onboard temporary training tool to help you develop confidence at the start of your weight loss journey. Just like training wheels when you learned to ride a bike or water wings when you learned to swim, Trissa “supports” you in the early going.

That way, as you build some momentum, you’ll be excited and motivated to make the necessary lifestyle changes so that you can FINALLY achieve lasting weight loss results.



Over 300,000 lives changed worldwide.

When it comes to losing weight, looking good is only part of the equation. Other factors come into play, including how your weight effects your health, your relationships, and lifestyle.

Choosing an effective solution that also provides an opportunity for long-term maintenance is key.

These are the stories of the men and women who took the first brave steps in acknowledging their weight struggles, and in doing so, found the confidence to believe in themselves once again.


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The Spatz3 Adjustable Balloon System (hereinafter referred to as Trissa) is indicated for temporary use in weight-loss therapy for adults with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30 kg/m2 and above with one or more weight-related comorbid conditions who have failed to lose weight through diet and exercise alone.

The maximum placement period for the Trissa Adjustable Balloon System is 12 months, and it must be removed at that time or earlier.

The Trissa Adjustable Balloon System is to be used in conjunction with a long-term supervised diet and behaviour modification program designed to increase the possibility of long term weight-loss maintenance.

The Trissa Adjustable Balloon System is not recommended for patients who have undergone previous weight loss surgery, or have conditions that may increase the risk of poor results (e.g., inflammatory or cardiopulmonary diseases, GI conditions), who are unwilling or unable to comply with the required dietary program, who have alcohol or drug addictions, or who currently are or may become pregnant within the timeframe that the balloon is in place.

Caution: Inflation volumes greater than 700 ml are not recommended. Placement of the Trissa Adjustable Balloon System requires an endoscopic procedure with sedation. All surgery carries some risk. Weight, age, and medical history determine your specific risks. Check with your doctor to see if the Trissa Adjustable Balloon System is a practical option for you.