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What Is Trissa

Medical results without drastic surgery

Canada’s first and only adjustable gastric balloon system, approved for placement up to 12-months in patients with a BMI of 30 and above.*

Traditional weight loss solutions have varying degrees of success among individuals trying to lose excess weight.

For many, the seemingly endless number of diets on the market often result in temporary weight loss results accompanied by plenty of frustration.

And while weight loss surgery may be an option for some, it comes with a risk factor that many people – maybe you’re one of them – just aren’t willing to take on. Assuming that you qualify for surgery in the first place.

That’s where Trissa’s simple, non-surgical, fully-reversible, outpatient procedure presents an attractive option.

At the core of the Trissa system is a medical grade, saline-filled, gastric balloon that mimics surgical weight loss procedures.

Once inserted through your mouth, the Trissa balloon is inflated to take up space in your stomach and slow digestion.

Acting as a kind of “warning” system, if you do attempt to overeat – where you can’t resist that second piece of pie or extra helping of potatoes – Trissa sends a physical message that essentially says, ‘Hey, there’s not as much room down here as there used to be.’

The result is your body adapts and feels fuller, faster with less food, and you’ll experience less hunger between meals.



Four steps on your way to weight loss


A silicone balloon is inserted through the mouth (down through the esophagus) and into the stomach during a 20-minute procedure.


The balloon is inflated with saline to about the size of a grapefruit. As it takes up space in the stomach, it helps create a feeling of fullness.


While in place, the volume in the balloon can be decreased to help with intolerance or increased to kick-start weight loss following a stall or plateau.


After 12 months, the balloon is removed and lifestyle coaching continues for an additional 6 months to help ensure lasting results.

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The Spatz3 Adjustable Balloon System (hereinafter referred to as Trissa™) is indicated for temporary use in weight-loss therapy for adults with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30 kg/m2 and above with one or more weight-related comorbid conditions who have failed to lose weight through diet and exercise alone.

The maximum placement period for the Trissa™ Adjustable Balloon System is 12 months, and it must be removed at that time or earlier.

The Trissa™ Adjustable Balloon System is to be used in conjunction with a long-term supervised diet and behaviour modification program designed to increase the possibility of long term weight-loss maintenance.

The Trissa™ Adjustable Balloon System is not recommended for patients who have undergone previous weight loss surgery, or have conditions that may increase the risk of poor results (e.g., inflammatory or cardiopulmonary diseases, GI conditions), who are unwilling or unable to comply with the required dietary program, who have alcohol or drug addictions, or who currently are or may become pregnant within the next 12 months.

Caution: Inflation volumes greater than 700 ml are not recommended. Placement of the Trissa™ Adjustable Balloon System requires an endoscopic procedure with sedation. All surgery carries some risk. Weight, age and medical history determine your specific risks. Check with your doctor to see if the Trissa™ Adjustable Balloon System is a practical option for you.